Frozen Seafood

Shore Mariner Frozen Seafood Products

We do not sell to the public. Our retail range of products are available at selected supermarkets & smaller food retail stores. Please visit the website of your local retailer to check if our product is ranged.

Why Choose Shore Mariner Frozen Seafood?

When it comes to selecting frozen seafood for your family, you deserve the best.

At Shore Mariner, our quality, variety, and reliability simply can’t be beaten, so much so that our range of frozen seafood, prawns, and finger foods has become a staple in homes all across New Zealand for generations.

We’re here to celebrate diversity through our products, helping our customers bring their favourite global cuisines to life. Whether you want to throw shrimp on the barbie, create your favourite fish tacos for Taco Tuesday, or make your favourite seafood marinara pasta for a cosy night in, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile frozen seafood brand that believes freshness, quality, and reliability can’t be beaten, look no further than Shore Mariner.

Your Guide to Buying Frozen Seafood

There are a few things to look for when making your purchase of frozen seafood.

It’s no secret that frozen seafood can spoil if it is left at warm temperatures for too long prior to cooking. But it’s also important to keep an eye out for a few things when selecting your frozen products at your local supermarket.

Firstly, ensure that all packaging is intact and nothing is open, torn, or crushed on the edges. Secondly, avoid packages that have an excessive amount of ice crystals. Lastly, ensure that the frozen seafood is not soft. Frozen fish and other types of seafood should not be bendable.

It’s also important to store your frozen seafood properly. Putting the product in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible after purchasing will ensure that the food remains at its best.

At Shore Mariner, we take great pride in ensuring that our frozen seafood is caught and frozen with tight turnaround times to ensure that the products remain fresh. We also take great care to ensure that we partner with trusted supermarkets and delivery services. These help to ensure that our products are kept fresh and frozen every step of the way.

Shore Mariner Are Your Partners In Frozen Seafood

At Shore Mariner, we are a proud brand of Markwell Foods. Markwell Foods has been providing consumers and businesses with premium seafood for over 60 years.

Freshness, quality, and reliability are always priorities. We’re committed to delivering the best-frozen seafood. Select us, and you’ll be selecting the best.