5 Interesting Facts About Our Salmon Patties

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5 Interesting Facts About Our Salmon Patties

5 Interesting facts about our salmon patties! Not only are they loaded with rich nutrients but our new Salmon Patties range is extremely tasty and versatile. Want to know more about the latest range to Shore Mariner? Read below for our interesting product facts.


1. High Quality 

Patties are produced in vastly differing levels of quality. Our Salmon Patties have an extremely high quality percentage with 99 & 98% Salmon making them a healthy patty alternative as they are not filled with fats, sugars and other binders like usual patties are. 


2. Smart Packaging  

We have used vacuum packaging for the storage and prevention of contamination for our Salmon Patties.  The process of VP removes the oxygen from within the packaging environment, creating an anaerobic environment (free of oxygen) which prolongs the product shelf life and the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi. So while the packaging may not look pretty it is smart and safe, keeping the healthy salmon fresh.


3. Easy to Cook 

With less then 15 minutes to cook (7 minuets on each side) Salmon Patties are a great choice for quick meals on those busy weekday nights. We recommend cooking your patties from frozen as they are such a high percentage of salmon with few ingredients to help bind them. Cooking them from frozen will help them hold their shape and lock in all the nutrients.


4. Inexpensive & Versatile  

Salmon Patties are versatile with limitless possibilities for dish ideas. With two flavors to choose from Original and Garlic & Herb they can easily adapt to you unique pallet and flavour profile! From having them on their own with your favorite side to in a delicious burger! Not only are they versatile but due to our patties being frozen they make for an inexpensive meal solution.


5. Natural Super Food

The most powerful source of omega-3s are found from the marine and they provide a range of health benefits for our body and brain, such as maintaining a healthy heart and mind. Salmon is also very low in fat and a great source of protein.