BBQ Tips for Seafood

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BBQ Tips for Seafood

Sandy feet, salty hair and grilled seafood – a kiwi summer is not complete without a BBQ!  We have some simple BBQ tips for seafood to share with you: 



Enhance your dish and try different varieties of flavours, you can buy a premade marinade or make your own. 

For a simple marinade mix parsley (or any other herb you have on hand) with juice of 1 lemon, olive oil, and your favourite spices. If you are in the mood for Asian Fusion try this Thai-style marinade recipe.


Mix it up

Prawns are a BBQ favourite but by far not the only delicious seafood option. Try scallops, squid and cuttlefish next time. 


Don’t overcook 

When overcooked, seafood becomes dry so make sure not to cook it “well done”. Once off the BBQ give it time to rest, this will help lock in the moisture. 


Keep it safe

Practice safe food preparation – keep it clean and keep it cold. Make sure to keep the seafood in the fridge until ready to cook. 



Fire up the grill and let it reach medium-high temperature before placing seafood on it. 


How long to cook for?

Prawns – 2-3 minutes each side on preheated grill until they turn pink.

Squid – 4 minutes turning once until almost opaque all the way through and have crisped around the ends.

Scallop – 5-8 minutes until no longer translucent.

Cuttlefish – 3-5 mins on each side until no no longer translucent.

Baby Octopus – Gently boil for 30 to 40 minutes (or until tender), grill for 2-3 minutes.


Best spices and herbs combos

The classic salt & pepper is a must for most dishes and as effective as it is simple. Something that goes with any seafood are garlic granules, chilli flakes are another versatile addition or try cayenne pepper for a less spicy option.

Lemongrass, basil and mint add an Asian twist to a dish.

Some other herbs that compliment seafood are coriander, parsley, fresh dill and chives. These can be added to a marinade or a sauce to elevate the taste.


We have a few recipes that will impress everyone at the next BBQ, try this refreshing Pineapple Squid Salad or Grilled Prawn Kebabs. Don’t forget to tag us, we love seeing your delicious creations!