Air Fryer Friendly Range

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Air Fryer Friendly Range


Air fryer sales have boomed over the last few years, especially with more people cooking at home due to the recent global pandemic. The small oven-like benchtop appliance has been described as life-changing for many, especially young parents and time-pressed people. But how does it work? The air fryer, in simple terms, circulates hot dry air around the food to produce a crispy golden crunch without needing to add the extra kgs of cooking oil as regular deep fryers do. 


There are many benefits when it comes to the popular cooking appliance, quick and easy to use, versatile as you can make almost anything in an air fryer, and great for reheating last night’s leftovers. However here at Shore Mariner, one of the major perks that shine through the rest is that it is great when it comes to frozen foods. Take your goods from the freezer to the plate in a matter of minutes, thus making the appliance ideal for cooks relying on frozen staples in their kitchen.


We are jumping on the air fryer trend and introducing products to our premium seafood range that is air-fryer friendly. With products like our Crumbed FishSalt & Pepper Squid, and Vegetable Spring Rolls just to name a few. Picking up one of our air-fryer-friendly products allows for less time slaving over a stove top to more time enjoying your food with family and friends, making a stress-free experience in your kitchen.


Explore our full range of air-fryer-friendly products, there is something for everyone.