4 Kid-Friendly Seafood Dinners Ideas

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4 Kid-Friendly Seafood Dinners Ideas

From battered fish to shrimp pastas, kids will love these tasty meals featuring seafood!


1. Fish Goujons Tacos

These Fish Tacos are kid friendly and super fast dinner option.


2. Panko Crumbed Prawn Bite Tacos

Easy to make, delicious, and quick! These fresh loaded soft tacos are great for a fast lunch or dinner when your in a rush!


3. Popcorn Shrimp Bao Buns

Deliciously fun and packed full of flavour, these bao buns will soon become one of your kids favourite meals.


4. Salt and Pepper Squid with Lemon Aioli

A delicious snack paired with a tangy and creamy dipping sauce, great for a quick nibble for the kids!